April 2

Project #3 : Experimental Narrative


– to explore new formats and methods for presenting content
– to explore user interaction and experience
– to relate a story in an engaging, unconventional manner
– to apply conceptual thinking to the web medium


Develop a site that provides an interactive experience of a story.

Step 1: Choose a story and begin to build a concept. Collect materials related to your story. Develop sketchs and a site map that illustrate your concept. Consider opportunities that are unique to the medium.

February 1

Project #2 : Cultural Event

Develop an engaging and informational site promoting a local cultural event (arts, music, food, etc.). This may be an actual or invented event (provided you can create enough content).

Consider the following:

We will work through several stages of design and development.

Part #1: Research/Planning
Choose a topic and research to gather potential content and information. Begin thinking of potential concepts for your website. You will present your initial findings/ideas on Monday, 2/6.

Due: February 6

Part #1B: Sketches
Site maps, wireframes, goal lists.

Due: February 13

Part #2: Design

Due: February 29

Part #3: Production
Finished site

Due: April 2

January 25

Project #1 : Site Mapping

The purpose of this assignment is to examine underlying information structure of a website to better understand the relationship between the organization of information and user interaction.

Design a site map diagram explaining the structure of the web site in terms of navigation. Only include in your map permanent content areas for the site, ignoring temporary features and articles. It is only necessary to include links contained within the site, and not links to other web sites. The final site map may be neatly hand-drawn or designed on the computer.

Paper size = 11” x 17”

Web Site Choices (choose 1)
Alvin Lustig | Designer’s Toolbox | Mailchimp

Due: January 30

January 23

Exercise #1 : Site Survey

Find 2 Successful sites and 2 unsuccessful sites. For each, please answer the following:

  1. What is the concept and goal of the site?
  2. Describe the levels of Hierarchy
  3. Describe the navigation
  4. How wide is the content area?
  5. Who is the audience (be very specific)?
  6. On a scale of 1–10, rate the aesthetics
  7. On a scale of 1–10, rate its usability
  8. How many fonts are used?

Email me your list and be prepared to share in class.

Due: January 25

Spring 2012 / Matt Klimas / 1509 W Main 003A / 1130 – 150 MW
Office hours by appointment / mattklimas (at) gmail (dot) com / GDES